Leslie Middle School
Reminder:  The driveway in the rear of our building is a fire lane.  Parking is not allowed as the signs posted reflect.  Parking in the fire lane could result in a fine being issued and/or you car... Read more

The Fall session of LEAP is coming to an end on Nov. 13th. However, the Homework ZONE will be continuing until right before the Winter Break. The next session of LEAP (Winter session) will begin on... Read more

Conferences 6th Graders:   Parents of 6th graders are asked to call Leslie (503-399-3206) and schedule a conference with their child’s English/reading block teacher. Conferences will be in the main... Read more

Secondary in-district transfer application window now open Salem-Keizer middle and high school students who wish to attend a school other than their assigned school starting second semester, 2014-15... Read more


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