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Course Electives

Grade Electives

6th Grade Elective Sign-Ups

Contact our school office at 503-399-3206 to sign up for electives.

6th Grade Required Courses: All 6th grade students are scheduled in required core classes: Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science, Health, and Physical Education.

Support Courses: Some students will have additional support in one or more support courses. Enrollment in these courses is dependent on test scores, individual education plans, and teacher recommendations. Math intervention, reading intervention, (Read 180 or System 44), and social skills.

Electives: 6th grade students may take two year long electives classes: Elective Wheels, Music, AVID, or a supplemental academic support class. If a student does not select year long electives they will automatically be placed in rotation of our Elective Wheels.

7th & 8th Grade Elective Sign-Ups

Contact our school office at 503-399-3206 to sign up for electives.

At Leslie Middle School we offer a wide variety of elective courses for our students to enjoy. Please review the Elective Course Description to learn more about our elective courses. Some electives require prerequisites and/or approval by application or teacher prior to enrollment and are indicated in the class descriptions. 

When you and your student are selecting electives, give this process careful consideration, as it will not be possible to change electives in the fall.  We will try to give first choices, but we may not be able to do this in all cases.  Availability of electives are subject to staffing and student enrollment.


Music Electives

Students audition for choir, band, and orchestra placements for next year and music teachers will notify students of placement. Please note that if your student is already in a music program, they will remain in that program unless you contact their teacher immediately. They will not be able to change electives once the school year has started. Not marking it on their course selection sheet will not remove them from the class; the teacher must be contacted.