Thank you for your interest in joining a before or after school club!

Be part of a Leslie Before or After School Club!

Clubs before school are on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 8:15AM – 9:00AM. Clubs after school are Mondays through Thursdays from 4:20PM – 5:20PM. Transportation is provided for after school clubs. The bus leaves students in the closest feeder school to their home.

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We are currently transitioning and will now have students sign up using Family ID, for any questions please contact Daisy Chavez at or contact the office.

AM/PM Power Hour does not require students to sign up using Family ID. Students can drop in as needed.

To sign up, please fill out this form.

Club Notices

  • AM and PM Power Hour

    AM and PM Power Hour is a before and after school club for students that want study hall/extra support.

  • Jazz Choir 

    Choral assemble that will rehearse and perform at concerts during the school year. Open to any students should plan to attend regularly.

  • Gardening

    Work in our school garden, learn to grow your own food, raise butterflies, and learn how bees pollinate our fruit trees.

  • Quiet Art Time

    Come and enjoy a peaceful and quiet space with access to art supplies and friends. Conversations will be held at a whisper level.

After School Club Rules:

  • Students must check-in in the library after school. It is not allowed to go straight to clubs.
  • Students must seat in the assigned club table. There will be a sign in each table.
  • Students must wait in their assigned table until the club staff picks them up or they have been dismissed by Mrs. Chavez.
  • Students must clean up after themselves and push in their chair before leaving.
  • Students must stay in their club until 5:20PM unless they need to leave upon request of their parents. If a student needs to leave, they must notify the teacher/staff and Mrs. Chavez.
  • Students must not wonder the halls; they must stay in their club unless using the restroom or water fountain facilities.
  • Students need to be respectful towards their peers and adults.

Weekly Club Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Jazz Choir – Locey (Morning)

Gaming Club – Bystrzycki (Morning)

Advanced Art Club – Helbling Gaming Club – Bystrzycki (Morning)

Quiet Art Time Club – Helbling

AM Power Hour Club – E. Curry (Morning)  Gardening Club – McBeth & Skybird  AM Power Hour Club – E. Curry (Morning)
PM Power Hour Club – Wong & Robinson Crochet/Knitting Club – Allred Wood Shop Club – Amalia

Jazz Choir Club – Locey (Morning)

LGBTQIIA+ Club – Ryan, Harris, & Teller PM Power Hour Club – Robinson Paleontology – Rockow Science Research Club – Rockow
D&D Club  – Hawkins D&D Club  – Hawkins D&D Club  – Hawkins D&D Club  – Hawkins
Pokemon Club – Reece & Krause Tech Deck Club – Malie PM Power Hour – Wong Theater Club – DuFault
Polymer Clay Jewelry Club – Skybird  Spirit Club – Jones Chromebook Games Club – Krause  
  Journalism Club – Flores    
  Anahuac Club – Tardif    

Club Flyers

Check out the flyers below for information on each of Leslie’s school clubs.