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Free Summer Break Meal Program 2022

Starting on Wednesday, June 22, free summer meals will be available to children ages 1-18, as well as Community Transition Program students, at the locations listed below. Meals will be Grab-N-Go Meals this summer. No on-site meals will be served inside schools.

  • Monday-Friday
  • 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
  • No meals served on July 4


Summer meals additional resources

Many organizations in the community also offer support for meals during the summer. We encourage you to check 211 info for additional resources for summer meals.

Salem-Keizer Public Schools does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, marital status, age or disability in its programs and activities.

Summer Meals 2022 Flyer

Summer Meals 2022 Poster
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6th Grade Summer Camps, Electives, and Lockers

Good afternoon,

We so enjoyed meeting all of your students when they visited at the Open House! However, it looks like many of our incoming students still need to sign up for electives, 6th Grade Lion Camp, sports camps, and lockers. Please take a minute to complete this 6th grade Sign-ups form today!

Also, if your child would like to participate in sports next year, athletics registration is now open on our Leslie website or at https://www.familyid.com/organizations/leslie-middle-school.

Thank you!

Mrs. Madland
Leslie Middle School

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School Safety Systems in Salem-Keizer Public Schools

School Safety Systems in Salem-Keizer Public Schools

Video: School Safety and Emergency Procedures

Learn about safety protocols and emergency procedures implemented in all Salem-Keizer schools. Safety and security staff and district leadership were joined by local and state law enforcement agency partners to share information with the community. This was one of three safety sessions held this year about student safety in our schools. The other two sessions held were Student Voices, We All Belong and Social Media and Online Safety.

School Safety and Emergency Procedures – Presentation

School Safety and Emergency Procedures – Questions & Answers

Talking to children and teens about violence

At Salem-Keizer Public Schools, the safety of our students is our absolute top priority. Below are resources and information on the safety and security systems in place across the district.

Talking to students about violence

Talking to Children About Violence: Tips for Families and Educators (English)

Talking to students about violence (English)

Talking to Children About Violence: Tips for Parents and Teachers (English)

Talking to students about violence (Spanish)

Talking to Children About Violence: Tips for Parents and Teachers (Spanish)

More resources

Web articles

Oregon Public Broadcasting radio interview

Courtenay McCarthy, a school psychologist at the Salem-Keizer school district, explains how the Salem-Keizer program works and the impact it’s having in Salem and beyond.

Fake fentanyl

Oregon has lost several students to fentanyl in the last few years. Linked below are fact sheets to help educate students, parents and the community about the dangers of fake pills made from deadly fentanyl. Learn more

Multi-Tiered Systems of Support

Our children in today’s world have unique emotional and behavioral needs unlike anything we have seen before. This is not unique to Salem-Keizer. Schools across the country are seeing similar needs for support of students. At Salem-Keizer, we work to address the needs of our students through Multi-Tiered Systems of Support. These systems allow us to provide the right support for each student to address their emotional, behavioral, mental, and academic needs.

Behavioral Threat Assessment

Our team of specialists partners with agencies across Marion, Polk, and Yamhill Counties to identify students who may be exhibiting indicators of extreme aggression toward others, and we provide wraparound services like safety planning and mental health support to address those students’ needs.

Salem-Keizer’s behavioral threat assessment system is used by other school districts around the country. Below are some recent discussions in the media that provide a description of how our system works.

Partnering with Law Enforcement

We work side by side with the Keizer Police Department, Salem Police Department and the Marion County Sheriff’s Office both in and out of our schools. When any concern for our school’s safety or a threat is reported, they move swiftly to investigate. It is very important to talk with children about the consequences of making any type of threat, which can range from a minimum of disciplinary action at school to criminal charges.

You can learn more about our school safety systems and procedures, including collaboration with our local law enforcement partners by viewing our recent safety series webinar.


Salem-Keizer Public Schools is an active member of SafeOregon, which gives kids, parents, schools, and community members a confidential way to report safety threats or potential acts of violence. Managed by the Oregon State Police, this program has proven to prevent acts of violence. I encourage you to download the mobile app on your phone, and on your child’s phone as well. You can also call or text 844-472-3367 anytime.

Improving safety and security through capital improvements

The 2018 bond program is improving safety and security across the district. Thirty-six of our schools are receiving renovations to the front entry to improve the office staff’s ability to monitor and control who enters the front entrance. Most of those improvements will be in the form of a secured check-in space at the front entry. Schools are also receiving upgrades to electronic badge access systems and to intercom systems, which will be able to send messages directly into classrooms.

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Fake fentanyl: What parents & teens need to know

Oregon has lost several students to fentanyl in the last few years. Linked below are fact sheets to help educate students, parents and the community about the dangers of fake pills made from deadly fentanyl.

Tips on how to keep the children in your care safe

Fentanyl Fact Sheet (Arabic)
Fentanyl Fact Sheet (Chuukese)
Fentanyl Fact Sheet (English)
Fentanyl Fact Sheet (Marshallese)
Fentanyl Fact Sheet (Russian)
Fentanyl Fact Sheet (Spanish)
Fentanyl Fact Sheet (Swahilli)

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South Salem Freshmen Transition Program

South Salem Freshmen Transition Program

We are excited to welcome the Class of 2026 to South Salem High School!  Next year’s freshmen can participate in the South Transition Program for three days in August.

Who can attend? Students must meet the following requirements:

1) Freshmen attending South Salem High School in the fall of 2022

2) Meet behavior expectations.

3) Commit to all three days.

4) Be willing to have fun and interact with staff and peers.

5) Students will be active inside and outside of the building, please send them with a water bottle and appropriate attire.

When will it be held?

August 9, 10 & 11

9:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Transportation is available for those that qualify.

Lunch will be provided daily.

What should we expect?

FUN!  We hope to create a positive environment where all students feel included, safe, and welcomed.

Need more information? Please contact Mr. Brownstein, the coordinator by email:  brown-silverstein_zachary@salkeiz.k12.or.us

Want to sign up?  Please complete the following survey:  LINK to Form

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Sprague Volleyball – Summer Camp

SpragueVolleyball – Flyer

Kinder thru 4th grade – August 8&9 – 11am-1pm – $30

5th thru 8th grade – August 9-10 – 8:30-11am – $50
*Location: Crossler Middle School*

9th thru 12th grade – August 8-11 – 3:30-6:30pm – $100
*Location: Capital Fieldhouse*

Registration due by July 1st to guarantee t-shirt size
Register Online at

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Slideshow from recent Parent Involvement meeting

We had another successful Parent Involvement meeting, this last Monday March 14, 2022. Please see the link below to view the slideshow that was shared during the meeting.



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Video: Different Choices, Always United

As we transition into optional face coverings, it’s important to remember to be respectful of each other’s choices. At Salem-Keizer Public Schools we may make different choices, be we are always united.

2022-03-10T11:04:14-08:00March 9th, 2022|

Face coverings optional effective March 12

​​As you likely know, there have been significant changes in recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Oregon Health Authority, and Oregon Department of Education regarding face coverings in schools.

We have carefully reviewed the guidance and met with our community health partners to provide expertise and feedback on these changes. All groups were supportive of our ability to keep students in schools safely without the universal use of face coverings when community transmission is low.

Effective March 12, 2022, face coverings will be optional in all district facilities, schools and school buses for students and staff. This includes the school day, before-school and after-school programs and extracurricular activities and athletics.

While face coverings will be optional, it is highly recommended that at-risk adults and students continue to wear KN95 masks. We know some students and adults will choose to wear face coverings and others will not. It is critical we support these decisions as we work together to build a community that supports each other in the decisions that protect their health or the health of those close to them.

Thank you for helping to ensure the health and safety of our schools and community.

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